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for compulsive spenders.

  • Do you want to create a spending plan, but feel overwhelmed by the process?

  • Are you terrified of looking at the reality of your spending?

  • Have you made repeated unsuccessful attempts to create a spending plan?

  • Do you just want someone to walk you, step-by-step, through creating a spending plan and learning how to use it?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then the FREE Fearless Budgeting Training Course is for you!

I’m Susan B., a grateful recovering compulsive spender and debtor. I’ve worked one-on-one with many other compulsive spenders to overcome the fear of looking at their numbers, walking them through creating the foundation for their spending plan, and providing technical training to teach them how to work with their spending plan and use budgeting software.

Now, I’ve now created a complete online training program that contains everything I teach in my one-on-one training. I needed to do this because my health issues now prevent me from doing one-on-one training. So I wanted to put all I know out there to help others like me.

If you want help creating or maintaining a spending plan, this training program is for you. Even if you already have a spending plan, or are an existing YNAB® user, the training will be a helpful refresher and will likely provide you a with new perspectives and tips. The Fearless Budgeting Training Program includes the exact same process I’ve successfully used with my one-on-one students since 2010.

Important! Having a spending plan will not cure compulsive spending.
My training program is an adjunct to whatever recovery process you are engaged in, not a replacement.

What Makes the Fearless Budgeting Spending Plan Training Different?

For one thing, it was developed by a recovering compulsive spender who understands the unique challenges facing you!

While financial gurus provide tools and guidance to help people make sound financial decisions and get out of debt, for those struggling with compulsive spending, there’s just no way they can simply “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” and live responsibly with money, as the gurus advise. Further, compulsive spenders often feel shamed by the implied message that they could succeed if only they tried harder.

Most spending plan training programs only teach you the mechanics of creating and maintaining a spending plan. But, the Fearless Budgeting Training Program gives you so much more. As you go through the process, you’ll feel like I’m sitting with you, providing support and guidance to help you overcome the emotional obstacles that keep you from creating and maintaining a spending plan.

Without such help, you may become overwhelmed and paralyzed, which is what has kept you from moving forward in the past. With my help, you will become confident about your ability to succeed at this process … and maintain the momentum.

What You will Learn

There are two courses, together containing 50 lessons, that will give you all you need to create and maintain a spending plan as a natural part of your life.

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Course #1: Create Your Spending Plan Foundation

In this course, I gently walk you through the process of creating your foundational spending plan. Together, we overcome the emotional roadblocks and fears that have kept you from moving forward in the past, and slowly and incrementally piece together your spending plan.

By the end of this course (within one to two weeks if you follow my instructions), you will have a complete spending plan foundation, and you will understand how to bring your spending in line with your income.

LENGTH: 2 hours, 22 minutes (audios)

Topics include:

  • Learning the difference between a budget and a spending plan
  • Understanding what categories you need
  • Tracking income
  • Easily figuring out how much money to allocate to categories
  • Discovering your foundational number
  • EXCEL WORKBOOK with automatic calculations! (Pdf version as well)
  • And much, much more!

Additional specialized topics are included, such as:

  • Tracking your spending while in relationship
  • Tracking spending with children
  • Gaining clarity around past debt
  • Making tax time simple (including an easy system for solopreneurs)

Course #2: Working with Your Spending Plan

Once you have your spending plan foundation, you need a method to track your spending ongoing to help you live within your means. In this course, you will learn all you need to successfully work with your spending plan.

LENGTH: 3 hours, 19 minutes (audios) and 1 hour videos

Topics include:

  • Tracking and recording your day-to-day spending
  • Must-have components of any spending plan system
  • EXCEL WORKBOOK for those paid weekly with automatic calculations!
  • How to reconcile your spending plan with your bank account
  • Limiting errors when reconciling and finding errors quickly when there is a problem
  • Dealing with cash
  • Balanced gift giving
  • Living in the next month
  • Debt repayment
  • Where to find checking accounts that pay you interest
  • And much, much more!

What Software is Used for Training Demonstrations?

I do use budgeting software, when necessary, for screen shots, demonstration purposes in Course #2, and in my videos. My training tool is a user-friendly budgeting software program called YNAB (or You Need a Budget). I’ve been using YNAB since 2009. This software is the closest I’ve found to a virtual envelope system, the perfect tool for compulsive spenders.

YNAB is free to test for 34 days. But if you sign up through my affiliate link and purchase a subscription after the free trial, you’ll get a 2nd FREE month!

I also discuss other methods to work with your spending plan, and you can use the concepts in the Fearless Budgeting Training Program with any system you use, from paper and pencil to spreadsheets to budgeting software.

I will also be including some YNAB-specific training videos to clarify issues that some YNAB users find frustrating. For instance, people often come to me with problems around reconciling with their bank account, an error that they just can’t figure out, or confusion around functionality, such as how to account for cash in YNAB.

How the Fearless Budgeting Training Program is Presented

The Fearless Budgeting Training Program is presented through a series of MP3 audio recordings, text, an Excel/PDF workbook, and three videos. You can also download all the material to enable you to work through the program offline.

Course Components Free
MP3 Recording with each lesson X
Each lesson contains the text from the manual so you can refer to it while you listen X
Resources handout and workbooks X
Videos X
Email support X
Downloadable version of:

  • Entire program manual (PDF)
  • Fearless Budgeting MP3 audio files for both courses (over five hours)
  • Excel and PDF workbook
  • Weekly Pay worksheet
  • Resources handout
  • Five Year Recovery Journal

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The Fearless Budgeting Training Program is absolutely free and contains all the lessons, audios, videos, workbooks, and any other handouts. You can even download all the material for offline use (including a PDF version of the manual).

My Qualifications

I’m Susan B., a recovering compulsive spender. I haven’t incurred unsecured debt since 2009, paid off $34,000 of credit card debt in seven years, and continue to live debt-free and within my means despite becoming disabled in 2010 and losing half my income in 2014.

My passion is teaching people all about spending plans!

I’ve been working one-on-one, teaching compulsive spenders how to create and work with their spending plans since 2010. I decided to create the Fearless Budgeting online training program because I wanted to find a way to help more people and because my health issues now preclude me from one-on-one training. The course is absolutely free. No strings attached.

Read more about my own recovery journey, mission, and philosophy.

“I Can’t Stop Spending!” Podcast – 21 Hours of Inspiration and Hope

I also hosted a podcast called “I Can’t Stop Spending!” All 54 episode are now available for download along with a 132 page PDF containing all the show notes and links! ALL FREE!


Here are a few testimonials from Fearless Budgeting students:

“Incredible. As a new D.A. member, this course is fundamental!

I feel truly grateful for Susan’s incredible work.

I’m a psychotherapist in my 30s, and just a few weeks ago, the reality of my money problems, spending/debting addiction has landed with a huge impact on my sense of self. I have begun attending DA meetings, and as I prepare to find a sponsor and keep track of my spending for the next 90 days, I found Susan’s course.

Truly incredible. What I loved the most was her compassionate voice, inviting me to breathe, pause, and not attempt to “tip the bandaid off” and just push through the course all in one sitting.
Thank you Susan for this work. I have the basis for a Spending Plan that I will begin using as a get together a PRG meeting in a few weeks.

Your step-by-step, kind, grounded, layered approach has helped me truly make a STRONG foundation for a spending plan.

I have read SO many budgeting and money books in the past. This has stuck with me.


“Helpful and Kind – Just what I need.

One of my favorite things about Susan B is her gentle coaching. This course takes her calming voice and breaks down the spending plan piece by piece, turning it into bite size chunks that are easy to follow and implement. Unlike other financial/budgeting courses, Susan comforts and teaches through encouragement and personal stories rather than shaming the student. I felt relieved when I finished this course, whereas before this course I was a tightly wound ball of anxiety around money. Now, onto the second course!”

“Thank you so much!

What an awesome and gentle approach to getting budgeting under control. Thanks for your candid and relatable way of explaining things. What a gift.”

Here are a few testimonials from former private Fearless Budgeting students:

“Susan B. is a tremendous resource for YNAB users (whether it be YNAB 4 or YNAB 5). I actually have a savings account set up as a budget account, which causes some problems with the reports. Susan made sure I understood the Reports section of YNAB 5 especially how transactions flow to the Income vs. Expense Report.

She provided me with options to the ‘aging money’ function to address end of the month transactions in YNAB that need to be applied to the next month. Susan B. is very technically savvy and takes time to provide you examples to enrich your understanding. She is patient, encouraging, and full of solutions to many issues while learning and adjusting to YNAB practices.”
Ann G. in California

“Susan helped me so much with my spending plan! A year ago, I started out being overwhelmed and confused about the whole process. She patiently helped talk me thru how to set up YNAB and divide my spending into logical categories.

Plus, she helped guide me thru unusual transactions that I just couldn’t figure out. When I had trouble reconciling my bank account with my spending plan, she taught me how to find my errors. Susan was incredibly patient and knowledgeable about this whole process! I would have given up without her expert help!”
MJ in TX

“I had been in [a 12-Step recovery program] for about two years, but was not yet clear on what I should be doing for my spending plan. Susan led me step by crucial step throughout the process, making it very easy to understand.

I love the YNAB® program. Though I had attempted it on my own, it wasn’t until working with Susan that I was able to understand all the capabilities and how easy it is to manage my finances and, best of all, my spending plan.

I could not have done this on my own, and I would still be stuck without having a workable budget and spending plan. As a result, I might be over-spending and living in chaos around money.”
Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert
“Helping women all over the world to wear all the clothes in their closet! (instead of just the ones that fit Right Now!”)

“I tried learning the software on my own twice, even took a couple of tutorials, but nothing seemed to add up accurately. I was about to give up for good when Susan stepped in to help. She was able to help me see my mistakes.

She coached me on the importance of entering my numbers in the correct categories promptly and reconciling with my bank statement every day or two. She helped me set up new categories for more clarity on expenditures that had been falling through the cracks. It took two meetings for me to be confident working independently.

Now, I track my income, spending, and savings. I am living within in my income and am able to save for my current and future needs. I would not have the freedom and prosperity I have today if Susan had not helped me. I am so much happier with my financial life.”
M. M. in PA

A Final Word

If you’ve read this far, I imagine there’s something here that resonates with you. If so, there’s a good chance that the Fearless Budgeting Training Program can help you. But you can’t receive the benefits unless you enroll in the course. The online training is absolutely free. You have nothing to lose.

So take the first step and enroll. Then, just listen to the first lesson. I believe that if you give this training program a chance, you’ll soon see that a spending plan can fit naturally and easily into your life. I look forward to hearing from you about your progress in the program.

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